Saturday, February 9, 2013

Eggs on the Rocks

Soft-boiled eggs are an old-fashioned breakfast.
When we were growing up, dad used to fix this for us when we had a cold 
or just needed something light to settle our stomachs.
He always called this "Eggs on the Rocks".

Soft-Cooked Eggs How-To

  1. To soft-cook eggs, bring a deep saucepan filled halfway with water to a rolling boil. With a slotted spoon, gently lower eggs into water. Cover pan and remove from heat. Let stand 4 to 6 minutes (depending on how soft you like the yolks).
  2. To serve eggs in their shells, quickly crack the wider end with a knife and remove the top. To serve out of the shell, hold egg over a small bowl, tap around center with a knife, and gently pull shell apart, then scoop out egg with a spoon into the bowl.
Toast and lightly butter bread of your choice.
Cut into cubes.
Soft-boil your eggs to your liking and add to the bread cubes.
Serve hot with salt and freshly ground black pepper.


  1. Brings back great childhood memories for me! My Mom and Grandma used to make me soft boiled eggs with a side of buttered toast! I miss them both so much! Great post!

  2. My mom used to make these. She also made 'milk toast.' She took some buttered toast, cut it up, put in a bowl, and covered it with warm milk. Then she added a dash of salt and pepper. If she buttered the bread slightly heavier than normal, the butter would melt into the milk and the bits of yellow against the white of the milk would help brighten even a sick day. Thanks for jogging my memory.

  3. I made this for dinner tonight...loved it!


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