Saturday, December 4, 2010

Host a Cookie Swap Party!

Enjoy the treats of the holiday season without the trouble of baking them all.  Invite family and friends to a Cookie Swap Party - it's easy and fun and everyone takes home some delicious cookies with very little effort.
  • Make a list - Give guests plenty of notice (say, like now).
  • Have your guests let you know what they will be bringing to prevent bringing the same cookie
  • Ask them to print copies of their recipes to share
  • Alert people of any allergens like nuts - with cookie name cards
  • Provide plastic wrap or foil so folks can re-use their own containers
  • Keep coffee tins, small gift bags or boxes for re-gifting swapped cookies.  Wrap in holiday paper.
  • Keep fresh veggies & dip or cheese and crackers on hand to prevent a sugar OD
  • Serve plenty of coffee, water, tea, wine or ice cold milk

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