The American Table - A Taste of Home

A frugal, tasty dish, Swiss steak was popular on the home front during World War II.  Bob Dole, then a young soldier, later a U.S. Senator, longed for it and much more.  In his letter home: "Send candy, gum, cookies, cheese, grape jelly, popcorn, nuts, peanut clusters.  Vick's vapor rub, wool socks, wool scarf, fudge cookies, ice cream, liver and onions, chicken, banana cake, milk, fruit cocktail, Swiss steak, crackers, more candy.  Life Savers, peanuts, piano, radio, living room suite, record player and Frank Sinatra.  I guess you might as well send the whole house if you can get it in a five-pound box." ~Cook's Country

I wonder what my dad would have asked for?  I have about 50 letters he sent from the Army..I'll have to look through them.


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