Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tips for Perfect Turkey Gravy

Gravy requires just four ingredients:  pan drippings, poultry stock, flour and seasoning.  For every common gravy problem, there's an easy solution.

Lumps?  You can usually avoid them by stirring flour with stock or water before adding to the drippings.  If not, you can try a stick blender or hand mixer to break up lumps, or pour gravy through a strainer and break them up with a wooden spoon.

Too thick?  Whisk in more stock.  To thin?  Add on tablespoon or flour or cornstarch into a little stock and whisk continuing until you achieve the desired thickness.

Too salty or fatty?  Simply add more stock and re-adjust the thickness.  If you have time, you can chill, skim off the fat and then reheat.

After the big meal, refrigerate leftover gravy in containers to use later on delicious turkey sandwiches!

Follow these quick-fix guidelines - and the rest is gravy.

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