Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lidia's Club - Recipe of the Day - Eggplant and Country Bread Lasagna

Dinner is an important part of every day, but I know busy schedules make it hard for families to find time to sit together at the table. Even if you can only manage one family dinner each week, dedicate an hour or two in the evening to chat in the kitchen and over a healthy, home-cooked meal.
Try cooking and eating What’s for Dinner with your family; every Monday I will suggest a simple menu of balanced, family-friendly recipes that are easy and quick to prepare. Whether you decide to follow the menu, use it as a rough guide, or let it inspire you to design your own dinner, I hope you will make some time to enjoy family over a good meal.

Try these recipes this week:
Another wonderful way to use bread-something that we always have in abundance in our house, fresh, day-old, and dried-is as an element of many savory dishes. It is used in appetizer gratinate, soups, and salads, and day-old bread is great in desserts. Here bread slices are the base and substance of a summertime vegetable lasagna, in place of pasta. You could multiply this recipe and make this as a big party or picnic dish. It’s wonderful warm or at room temperature as a hearty side dish. To vary, roast the eggplant instead of frying it.
Green Beans Genova Style (Fagiolini alla Genovese)
Here’s a great example of a simple vegetable sauté with brilliant Genovese touch. Anchovies provide salty savor to the green beans, and slivers of garlic and lemon bring additional flavor notes. It’s great as a vegetable side dish anytime.

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  1. Thanks for sharing--I like the looks of that zucchini dish!


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