Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easter Traditions

Hello Everyone!  I wanted to invite you all to share your family Easter Traditions.  I'm going to set up a link for the next few Sundays to share food, memories, all the things we grew up with for Easter!  Some of the traditions have vanished - which is sad.  I'm trying to preserve all these things.  This blog is not just for food, but a journal of our passions and our lives.  So put on your Easter Bonnet, get some recipes and memories ready for print and let's share this happy holiday in our lives!
It's me - in my Easter Dress - anklets and white patent leather - Easter Couture!


  1. I am thrilled with your idea. I will be back and share mine.

  2. Great idea and I love love love that picture! I cant wait to see what your cooking up :) my favorite time was growing up as a child in a huge Italian family, oh I miss them sooooo much! This really brought back some memories looking at the B&W photo! xoxo thank you!

  3. Oh Patti, you were a doll (still are!!)!! Look at you! I love this picture.
    I'm glad you brought this up. I have been trying to catalog family recipes, etc.
    My husband's Mom died last summer and we did not have a chance to get her to write down some of her favorite things to make for her kids. I regret not talking with her about it sooner.
    So I talked to my husbands Grandma and she is sending me some of the recipes for sweet treats she makes for Easter.
    Oh, and I meant to comment about your Kraut recipe. My Dad's side of the family are Polish/German and my husband's family are all of Polish heritage and they love them some Kraut. I've never been able to make it very well. They love it with Polish sausage. I have your recipe bookmarked for the next time my father-in-law visits. He'll be so proud :).
    Shew- I just typed a whole book right there. LOL


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