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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Little Garden Tip

I just planted some radishes and beets in my garden and wanted to share a quick tip.  Wrap the seed packets in plastic wrap and thread bamboo skewers through the packet and stick it back in the ground.  A quick marker to let you know what is growing where.  The plastic wrap will protect the packet from the rain so you can refer back to it when your seeds are growing and when they will be ready for picking!  Put a date on the packet for easy reference.


  1. And they look cute in the garden too! Happy growing:@)

  2. Great tip... I wish I had lots of land or a farm.. only patio plants... tomatoes and herbs... this would be my heaven~ thanks again :)

  3. Great idea especially for a memory like mine. Wish I had the land, funds, and knowledge to plant here. Florida is the buggiest place I ever lived. I've managed to be successful with just few potted herbs.


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