Sunday, October 26, 2014

Easy Weeknight Dinners Week #2

 Our lives are busy now and it's sometimes difficult to have a quick meal that satisfies and keeps you going!  

Please the whole family with these quick and delicious weeknight dinners.
Monday:   Cauliflower Mac & Cheese -  Instead of macaroni alone, add lots of cauliflower that is loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals. 

Tuesday:  Classic Sloppy Joes - Grated Carrots makes sure kids get some extra veggies!

Wednesday:  Baked Fresh Cod with Gremolata Breadcrumbs - The best thing about this dish is that you mix all the ingredients in the baking pan.

Thursday:  Oven BBQ Asian Chicken - Served with steamed rice or salad for a Asian-inspired weeknight meal. 

Friday:  Eat out!

SUNDAY BONUS:  Unstuffed Cabbage - All the flavor of regular cabbage rolls, but alot less bother to make.
Enjoy and have a great week!
Keep on cookin!

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  1. Unstuffed cabbage sounds like a winner to me! Happy Halloween Week Patti:@)


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